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Dress Code Creates Identity

Identity is one of the most valued assets of a company, and a few understand it better than us. That's why at YFM, our starting point when it comes to uniforms is never the fabric, size style or stitching. It always is how we can help you enhance the assets you value the most. Of course, we bring the latest in business like skin friendly material and eco friendly dyes to the table. As also, extensive anthropometric research to make sizes fit better than others. In short, everything that helps enhance your most precious asset. Consistently.

YFM has been set up with the single minded objective of providing superior quality, uniforms that fit better and are easily available all the time.

We have conducted extensive research amongst the users to understand their needs so as to make uniforms much more comfortable, functional, low maintenance and smarter.

YFM has a team of experts from the designing, textile engineering, clothing manufacturing and supplies management background.

With our extensive experience is manufacturing, supply chain, inventory management and understanding of consumer's functional requirements in clothing, YFM brings best practices of the clothing industry to the uniforms category.