YFM Uniforms is a leading uniform manufacturing company in India. We provide high quality, comfortable and stylish work uniforms for the brands that are from the hospitality sector. We understand, the field of hospitality is diverse and the requirements are equally different hence after in-depth research and prototyping we have developed work-wear solutions for different occupations within the Hospitality sector.

Leading companies -Hotels & Restaurants, Chefs, Housekeeping Staff, Spa and Saloons, resorts and gyms have availed our services on a regular basis. We have accomplished to satisfy their requirements through customised uniform solutions for their staff.

The fabric and the design for the uniforms are made such that they are in sync with the aesthetics of the company and the occupation of the wearer in mind. Hence, the feasibility, durability and the functionality of the work wears are assured in every design we propose for you to choose from. Our team of designers are known for giving special attention to improvising the practicality of the garments. The innovative construction in the uniforms makes it one of a kind- stylish and practical pieces in which your staff will be comfortable and confident to work in.


The uniforms play a crucial part in everyday work life. It has to provide comfort, protection, assure hygiene and many other roles of its own.YFM uniforms have arrangements for resourceful inventory which offer a wide range of textile, which is especially essential and are used in the hospitality sector.

  • High-Tech Acrylic
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Anti-Microbial (reduces odour)
  • Soil and Stain Release
  • Wrinkle Resistance
  • UV Protection
  • Natural Stretch
  • Iron-Free
  • Water resistance
These are some of the many finish features one can opt for in their customised uniform package along with the color, basic textile and design options that will be provided for each category of uniform one opts for.
Fitting is an essential aspect in the whole process of catering uniforms. We ensure that the fittings of the uniforms are very accurate for your staffs to look smart and be comfortable in. Well, we have got your staff covered smartly in our uniforms, once you give us the responsibility, it is all taken care!

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