Workwear and Corporates

Corporate workwear reflects the persona of the company through the employees. Hence, one would not want to compromise on the look and feel of the uniforms. We are committed to catering to all the requirements of the companies that sort after us for their uniforms. YFM uniforms offer clothing solutions for- Office staff, regular industry workers, heavy duty industrial workers etc. We have dedicated package consisting of design, color and material specifications that one can mix and match and select under our guidance. Or one can opt to customise the whole package for their employees. We will assure you that the products will be of high quality, sophisticated design and comfortable to wear and work in. Heavy duty industrial uniforms will have the desired finishing treatments as per the industrial needs, which are crucial for the functionality and durability and moreover they serve unarguably as the most handy and feasible prospects while working in a heavy duty industry.

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